Thursday, 21 June 2012

Our Crafting Day ...

Excuse the spacings ... can't get to grips with the new blog format!
Around the room ....

    ... and now for the gorgeous 'end results' ...


 ... so proud of all your 'Cookie Boxes' and cards 

 'The concentration on your faces lol'


 ... and now for the home-made cookies ... well it was a special occasion ... my first Workshop!!
Thank you all for joining me and making the day possible: Fiona, Jeanne, Vanessa, Mandy, Dawn, Jo, Julia, Mary, Karen and Chelle - big hugs xxx


  1. Looks fantastic Debbie and sounds like everyone had a wonderful time especially as they're all wanting to come again! Told you you'd be a star!! Zx

  2. Awww ... thank you Zoe, that mean so much x