Friday, 19 August 2011

Joan's Little Book

I just wanted to share with you this little book I have made for my special friend Joan, who has been like a nana to me. She now has a disease of her eyes, resulting in letters & numbers disappearing off the page as she is trying to read them. I thought if I could write the names & telephone numbers that she regularly uses, 'one to a page' in large lettering, she could carry it with her in her bag & it would make it much easier for her to read.
So she has her family & friends from the front & GP, chemist etc from the back.

I took a basic cardboard book, which I covered with various thick designer card in greens. I then inked the edges to add depth, this also blends the colours & adds a more professional look. I raised the title of the book on the front up with dimensionals to make it stand out more & inked those too. I then tied various ribbons in pinks & greens (as these are her favourite colours) to the spiral of the book & attached to these are little charms, like an angel, a cross, handmade with love, two hearts together etc, basically all the things I know she will love (even a little dog bone to remind her of the dog she shared with her late husband).

I hope you like it ... I'll let you know what she thinks when I take it next week ... a special gift for a special lady x

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